Full Restoration Glass®
The world's finest mouth-blown window glass. Its slight wavy appearance, occasional small bubble, and subtle surface imperfections make it the architect and designer's first choice for replacement of broken or missing antique window glass of the 17th and 18th centuries, as well as the detailing of reproduction homes and furniture.

The historic accuracy of Restoration Glass® is due to the careful preservation and practice of authentic, antique mouth-blown glass-making processes by Lamberts' skilled craftsmen. This special "new antique" glass is created in the original cylinder method by Germany's Glashütte Lamberts - Europe's premier manufacturer of handmade glass - and cannot be replicated with modern machine techniques. Imported exclusively by Bendheim.

Order Cut to Size

  • Standard Non-Safety$37.44 per square foot
  • Laminated Safety$57.60 per square foot

Order Sheets or Cases

  • Order by the Sheet$27.36 per square foot
  • Order by the Case$21.98 per square foot
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Full Restoration Glass®