"How To" Video with Martha Stewart

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How to Install

Please follow the steps below to replace broken window glass with our Restoration Glass®. The instructional video featuring the restoration of Martha Stewart's 1805 farmhouse window will further demonstrate these steps and offer additional tips to help you make your DIY restoration project a success. Important: Laminated Restoration Glass® requires special handling. Please see notes at bottom of page before installing.

You will benefit from using the following tools and supplies: protective gloves and goggles, heat gun, putty knife, glass cutter, framer's point gun, pliers, primer or shellac, glazier's points, Calcium Carbonate ("whiting"), paint brush, and paint.

Laminated Glass: Do NOT use silicones. Install only as described here:

  1. Use only Neutral Cure Silicone Sealants.
  2. All gaskets, glazing materials, setting blocks, etc. must be compatible.
  3. Use only approved structural glazing.
  4. Do not use acid based sealants.
  5. Do not use solvent-base primers or other products prior to applying sealants.
  6. Do not use neoprene setting blocks.
  7. Do not use cleaners containing hydrocarbon solvents.

These guidelines must be followed for the installation of laminated Restoration Glass®. Any deviation will void any and all warranties.